“You Got This, Mama!” MBB’s Holiday Guide

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Mind Body Baby

By: Sarah Ann Kelly
MBB Barre Teacher
Prenatal & Postpartum Personal Trainer

Happy Holidays!

It’s the most… everything time of year! 

Feeling overwhelmed is completely normal as we close out the year and fill it with obligations, but it doesn’t need to be that way. The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, after all!

You, and your mental and physical wellbeing, matter. If you are the primary parent in your household, you most likely are the glue that holds the family together and creates all the magic during the holiday season; you need to ensure that you are given priority. Staying on top of your movement, rest, and nutrition might seem like another chore, but it’s the gift that will keep you healthy and strong during the busiest of times. No one wants to feel run down and put last while running around making magic for everyone else. You deserve the time and care, because your family needs you most of all.

Here are some tips to celebrate the season while also taking care of your own health and happiness in the busiest time of year.

1. Create a schedule and stick with it

If you are a visual person, it’s helpful to have a physical calendar up where everyone can see it. This is where you can mark off holiday parties and block off time for your workouts. If you can book classes a week in advance, you’ll be more likely to plan around them (we encourage you to include rest days in your weekly workouts, and this is where a little extra planning around your family traditions and work obligations can come in handy!). Planning out your week with your workouts in mind will help you carve out the time to actually fit them in, and keep you accountable. 

2. Communication is Key

With so much going on, it can be easy to forget to share your plans with your partner. However, this is one of the best tricks to ensure that you actually get your workouts and daily tasks done. It’s very helpful for everyone to be on the same page about when you both need a break for some self care. Having a routine where you can connect every night can help to make sure that you’re getting the space you need to take care of yourself. Our community will help you with this, too! 

3. Ask for Help 

No one should be expected to make holiday magic, keep the regular routine, and stay sane all by themselves. It’s okay to get a sitter so you can shop, buy cookies from the store, or skip the traditions and commitments that you don’t actually enjoy. Having that communication with your partner and enlisting some help that you can trust is really important at all times of the year, but especially during the holidays. Taking a break is essential, and you have our permission to let something go in order to enjoy some time to yourself. We offer childcare for most of our classes, and all of us understand/have been there if you’re coming to class just to use it! 

4. Let it go

Finally, this is your reminder to give yourself some grace. There will be a week where you will need to skip your favorite Yoga class because it’s the only time your preferred pediatrician is available. There will be blowouts and meltdowns, and that’s okay!

It’s all part of being a parent, especially with little kids. The chaos of the holiday season is temporary, but it’s a helpful reminder to practice creating space for yourself all year long. Being present and finding peace in the chaos is a part of the Yogi lifestyle, afterall! 

Our community and classes are here to help you find that balance to weave in your wellbeing and real life. You have our permission to rest when you need to, and show up when you can. We offer virtual classes for the days when getting to the studio isn’t going to happen. Most of us are parents, and completely understand how hard it is. You’re not alone, and we are here to help!

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