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mind body baby is a

community space and yoga studio

We believe mamas and mamas-in-the-making are strong as hell and warrant much more rest and recognition than they get. We offer specialized classes, events, childcare, and educational workshops designed to build confidence in your beautiful body and deepen your mindset of empowerment and strength. 

Mind Body Baby prides itself on being a safe space for EVERYONE. We are a full spectrum community- welcoming individuals of all backgrounds, races, religions, and sexual preferences. We welcome you to show up just as you are and to feel seen– the messiness with the beauty. This is a space where you can be authentic and vulnerable. 

Together, our teachers have thousands of hours of experience supporting individuals at all stages of their motherhood journey. Come feel the love and friendship that our community has to share.


in your motherhood journey

Yoga is the number one most prescribed exercise practice by doctors and midwives. When practiced under the guidance of one of our certified professionals yoga is a safe and gentle way to promote strength, endurance, and flexibility while cultivating a sense of calmness and well-being.

Through intentional movement and breath work you are able to quiet the mind, balance the body and calm the nervous system. Yoga works to improve the functions of all systems of the body including the circulatory, endocrine (think hormones), nervous, and lymphatic.

Practicing movement in a group of like minded people in the stage of life provides an environment for group healing and support.

Our Mission

Mind Body Baby provides a natural approach to support and empowerment for mamas and mamas- in-the-making through yoga, education, and community.

meet the founder

Heidi McDowell


Hello friends! I am a yoga teacher, a doula, a wife and most importantly, a mama. The journey I’ve walked hasn’t always been the path I would have chosen for myself but without it I would never have found my love for yoga and women’s health and I would not have my beautiful daughter, Marlowe Sunny.

Growing up in Flint, MI I was one of fifteen children. Never did I imagine my journey to becoming a mother would be so damn hard. My husband and I underwent years of fertility treatments and disappointments. The more women I spoke with the more I realized how beautiful and unique each of our journeys truly are. My journey and my daughter have inspired me to create the community and support that I wish was available for me.