Because labor is Physical
and so is mothering...

Push Prep Course

I’m a Birth Doula and a Registered Prenatal Yoga Instructor. I’ve attended the births where they did the work and I’ve attended the births where they just hoped it went ok. Guess which had shorter labors? Less or no tearing at all? Less or no interventions? And a smoother postpartum recovery??

Meet Push Prep-
Push Prep:
✅WEEK 1 Alignment & Body Balance
✅WEEK 2 Breathwork for Labor & Delivery
✅WEEK 3 Coping Tools for Comfort Measures
✅WEEK 4 Poses & Practice for Labor & Delivery
Each week we will expand, add-on, and embody the education through yoga. Allowing you to practice using your new tools, create balance in your pelvis and body to create more space for your baby.
Evidenced based studies show that prenatal yoga improves pregnancy, labor, and delivery outcomes:
✅ More comfortable pregnancy
✅ Less interventions
✅ Reduced risk of tearing
✅ Shorter labor
✅ More confidence
✅ Meet friends & enjoy your pregnancy 
Cost $285 / 4-week series