private sessions


Prenatal Body balancing


A baby will navigate the space they are given within your body. Often, pregnancy pains and long, painful births are brushed aside as normal. These are common, but don’t have to exist for you. Your baby and organs need balanced space to find the most optimal position for birth (head down isn’t all that matters). Balance in your body’s tissues can prevent or eliminate dysfunction, including postpartum pelvic floor issues and prolonged diastasis recti separation. It also has a direct connection with a more comfortable pregnancy, easier labor and delivery, less interventions, reduced risk of tearing, and a better postpartum recovery.  Body Balancing bridges the gap between yoga & medicine. 


  • All Trimesters
  • Pregnancy Aches/Pains
  • Past Guest Dates
  • Impending Inductions
  • VBAC Goals
  • Breech Babies
  • Pelvic Floor Preparation/Protection
  • Smoother Postpartum Recovery
  • & More… 


We will start with your “WHY” and your goals for your pregnancy and birth followed by a brief history of  your past and current habits, births, injuries. We will move through positions and together determine where your body needs to lengthen, strengthen, and relax. I will send you home with custom tools to keep progress moving. 

If you would like can share my findings with your birth support team.


4 Sessions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Tris & Guess Date (appx)

60min session / $85

4 sessions / $330 (most popular)

1:1 Yoga Class


We offer fertility, prenatal, and postpartum private sessions with each class customized for your needs on that day. Private classes are meant to meet you exactly where you are on your journey to and through motherhood. 


Fertility Yoga is available to support you on your journey to conception. Private classes and flexible schedules are available for PRE and POST IUI, IVF, Retrievals, and Stimming. Please contact for additional scheduling if necessary. 


Prenatal Yoga is available to support your changing body and offer a class to support your goals. Since each hour may feel different for your classes are designed for your specific needs. We will assist in developing a plan to build trust and reduce any anxiety or fears surrounding your birth. 



Postpartum Yoga can begin when your bleeding has ceased. Each journey to motherhood is unique and the return to movement should be the same. Gentle reconnections and safe, low-impact movement are offered. Baby friendly, baby + me, semi-private, or private group classes are available. 

60min class / $85

contact for semi-private & private group class pricing

1:1 Personal Training


Create your own customized workout with Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness Expert Sarah Ann aka The Mom Trainer. Sessions are in-studio and you’ll train for your pregnancy, postpartum, and fitness goals. During the session you’ll complete a full-body workout targeting your goals. Together we will create a plan to continue the momentum. Sarah Ann is certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness, Pilates, Diastasis Recti repair, group fitness, and postpartum nutrition.

All levels are welcome and no prior experience is necessary.

45 min session / $70