Maternity Yoga Legging Review

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Mind Body Baby

When I was pregnant I tried to see how far I could stretch my regular yoga leggings. I got big fast and my regular pants became too tight to even pull over my new swollen legs. The beauty of yoga leggings is that you don’t have to be doing yoga to wear them. Especially while pregnant, leggings become a go-to fashion statement! Tré chic!

Look, maternity clothes are expensive so when you invest in something you want it to fit, you want it to be comfortable, and you need it to grow with you and pregnancy is NOT the time to wear pants with waist compression. Both you and baby are losing space as your pregnancy progresses. Compression makes everything tighter and limits space including space for your lungs to expand.

While I was pregnant and practicing yoga I tried every pair of yoga leggings Instagram told me I needed to buy (I am an A+ consumer). I tried them so you don’t have to! Here’s my review and suggestion for the BEST yoga leggings to take you from prenatal to postpartum and the years beyond. 

BLANQI Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings

These leggings have belly support in the intentional band to go under your belly and lift up. The fabric is THICK! I had to struggle to pull these on. The uplift in the belly felt like compression more than just a lift. These attracted every dog hair and piece of lint in the house. These are a winter legging and not one for exercise. Two thumbs down. 

Good American: The Good Mama seamless legging

Good American is known for being extremely size-inclusive so these seemed like a perfect choice for a mama who wakes up bigger everyday. These were made out of a performance fabric, think Lululemon stretch/compression, which made them TIGHT! I wasn’t a fan of the amount of energy it took to pull them up and over my belly. I was winded and needed a nap after. I’d save the money and the energy.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Love the Bump Maternity Pocket Midi Legging

These win my vote for BEST LEGGINGS.

Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye fabric is insanely soft, as in butter-like. These are the exact right thickness you want for your already overheating body. The over-the-belly waistband is the same thin fabric with a gentle stretch. These have zero compression, think cotton stretch. I am obsessed and since the waistband can easily be folded down during pregnancy or postpartum I still wear these 19 months after having my baby. You need these in your life. Promise.

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