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We offer classes to meet you exactly where you are in your journey. Join us virtually or in person at our Grand Rapids yoga studio location. Come together with our beautiful community to feel supported physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’ve got you.

Upcoming events

June 7

Free Mamas- in-the-making group


June 18

Free father's day family yoga in the park

JUNE 18, 10AM 

June 20

Int'l Day of Yoga
$7 "Me Time" POP up

JUNE 20, 6PM


How we can help

Being a parent is hard – so is becoming one. You don’t have to go through it alone. We are here to support you through all stages from conception, prenatal, postpartum, and the years beyond.

real student experiences

Five star reviews

"Heidi's classes were hands-down one of the best things I did for myself during my pregnancy. I fortunately landed a spot in her six-week prenatal yoga class during my second trimester and loved it so much that I immediately registered for her next set of classes. The classes are incredibly calming while also focusing on specific areas of the body that definitely deserve attention during pregnancy."


"Prenatal yoga is so relaxing - and it's nice to be surrounded by other mommas. After only 1 week, I am excited to continue this course throughout my pregnancy. It will be a huge benefit to my body and mind!"


"Jamie is a prenatal queen. I am 7 months pregnant and had been struggling with ways to stay active during my pregnancy that wouldn't put too much stress on my body. Jamie's prenatal slow flow is the perfect solution. She adapts every move to accommodate my changing body and allows us to flow at our own pace while still challenging us to grow stronger & more flexible with each class."


"Mind Body Baby classes gave me the space I needed to emotionally connect with my pregnancy and fall in love with my little girl. I had also been waking up with back pain every day, but the morning after the first class I woke up pain free! I learned some really lovely positions and stretches that were easy to do at home to relieve tension and pain throughout the week."


"Heidi is an amazing yoga instructor and coach for all things pregnancy and woman/momma-hood!!! Her individualized and group classes are terrific, as well as her knowledge and expertise in fertility, pre + post-natal support, and physical + mental-emotional tools and needs. *Bonus: her calming presence, genuine care, relatability, and life experience make every interaction positive."


"I participated in prenatal yoga with Jamie throughout my entire pregnancy, and I am so grateful I did! Each class helped me feel relief and a deeper connection with my baby and body. Jamie empowered us as the strong female warriors we all are, and this certainly helped me with confidence during the birth of my first child. I felt so connected to Jamie after I asked her to be my doula and support me during birth!"


"I took Jamie’s prenatal yoga class throughout my entire pregnancy and it was the perfect weekly escape to clear my mind and move my body. Jamie created a calming environment and helped me prepare my body for labor through unique movements each week. The class was great for beginners or those experienced with yoga and was the perfect way to bond with a community of other expecting mamas."


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